happy NEw Years Swaggateers

here is a special gift to all my swaggy supporters tik tok the time is now !

stream that new and fresh bigmoneybrezzy, and feel free to share the hotness with your swaggy azz peers as well


black friday bigmoneybrezzy had to bless his swaggateers with some new new, so make sure to get his latest ep so flexi which is available everywhere online .....stream it uppppp, and purchase you a copy


drift out nowwwwwww stream below


s/o to hip hop overload for the exclusive interview i just had with them.

check link below to see what the fuss about 



the time has come for the latest and greatest music video for aatw here below

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when you find a diamond in the ruff you cherish it, well thats why i decided to give you the whole diamond mynd to see how good you look after it.

download it here