HHO: Introduce yourself to the fans BigMoneyBrezzy: What It do, Its The One and Only BigMoneyBrezzy straight out of Austin Texas the Lone Star State to be exact. HHO: How did your artist name come about? BigMoneyBrezzy: Many people I grew up with used to call me Bre, short for my Name Breon and so for a while I was going by the Moniker Yung Brezzy, like I still have music online with that name, but round 2010 I decided to change it because everybody was using yung in there stage name at the time and I begin to get more money, so I was like why not change it to Bigmoneybrezzy, it was only right. I just start flexing more. HHO: Where are you from? BigMoneyBrezzy: Austin, Texas HHO: Who were your musical influences growing up? BigMoneyBrezzy: Mase was one of my favorite back in his prime, then it transition to lil Wayne, and Drake, but I have always listened to Jay z and all the other greats. HHO: What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to? BigMoneyBrezzy: I grew up listening to Mase Harlem World, Jay z Blueprint 2, Lil Wayne Carter Series, Drake So far Gone and many R&B Artist because I always had a passion for slow jams also. HHO: What is the current single/project that you are promoting? BigMoneyBrezzy: I just recently dropped the Anticipated Music Video for one of my Singles AATW, also I released a 5 track ep on my bday August 14th titled Diamond Mynd, then Sept 27  Drift the Single will be released, so I definitely stay working on music. Also I have another Ep (Jesus Carter) and Album (Difference)Otw due sometime in 2020. But in the meantime and between time, I’m going to drop a 3 track ep called (So FLEXI) on Black Friday, SO STAY Alert SWAGGATEERS. HHO: How did the record come about? BigMoneyBrezzy: Drift came about with me just being me and flexing while doing me, especially how I create my hooks, I definitely keep them catchy and saucy, so Drift is one of those tracks you just hop in the ride and cruise the streets with your head out the video, just flexing. HHO: What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer? BigMoneyBrezzy: Ty $ Sign, Drake, Lil Wayne, Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia, Pierre, Hit boy, Zaytoven, and Many More though. HHO: Are you currently touring or have any upcoming shows? BigMoneyBrezzy: Hopefully SXSW 2020 only time will tell, just really been getting my catalog up. HHO: How is the response from your fans & djs been? BigMoneyBrezzy: Always great especially from producers, they always sending me free beats to sauce on and the fans stay enjoying the Brezz, I’m just a Character of its own kind. HHO: What artists do you listen to the most? BigMoneyBrezzy: Drake, Lil Baby, Ty $ Sign, Jacquees, Trey Songs, Rick Ross, Rexx Life Raj, Roddy Ricch, Calboy, YNW MELLY, Yung Bleu, Vedo, Young Thug and a couple more. HHO: What are your plans for 2019? What are you doing that others are not? BigMoneyBrezzy: Releasing banger after banger staying in the crowds face and directing and editing my own videos with something extraordinary that stands out in each visual. HHO: How can your fans reach you? BigMoneyBrezzy: www.bigmoneybrezzy.comwww.facebook.com/officialbigmoneywww.twitter.com/bigmoneybrezzywww.instagram.com/bigmoneybrezzy HHO: Any last words or shout outs? BigMoneyBrezzy: S/O to all the People That’s always behind me in anything I do, and making it come to fruition. S/O TO MY LADY, EESTA THE KREATURE, MONEY BOI TRE, 2 DOE, J RICH THA DON, MY SWAGGATEERS, MY GOD, MY T LADY, KEL GUAPO, MY LOVELY MINIONS I DO IT FOR THEM, AND THAT’S ALL FOLKS AND IF I DIDN’T MENTION YOU I FEEL YOU HAVEN’T PLAYED YA PART YA DIGGGGG.” - Hip Hop Overload

Hip hop Overload

Austin, Texas very own BigMoneyBrezzy blesses us with the video for his new hit single “A.A.T.W (All Around The World)”. Check it out here exclusively at HipHopOverload.com and be sure to follow BigMoneyBrezzy on Instagram @bigmoneybrezzy” - Hip Hop Overload

Hip Hop Overload

Better known as GoldMynd, BigMoneyBrezzy is an artist that never disappoints, in fact he exceeds all expectations more often than not, and this is one of those cases where he has grossly surpassed the wildest imaginations and desires of any and everyone who has been following and listening closely by a hundred fold. The beat is superb - the type of beat that will take you to the moon and then shuttle you between space and cloud nine just to be sure your adrenaline is still rushing. The lyrics are masterful - anyone who knows anything about Brezzy knows to expect the unexpected every time he rhymes but "out of this world" doesn't even begin to describe the extent to which his wordplay has been taken in this brilliant, thoroughly satisfying record. The delivery - juicy, there is no other way to describe it - take your favorite rapper's flow, dip it in liquid gold and this is what you'll get.Don't just hit the play button all willy-nilly, crank your speakers up to the max, remove any fancy EQs, bass boosters or plugins so you can feel it in its purest form, and then get up on your feet - you'll want to do a little bit of bouncing around.” - SKUNK RADIO LIVE

Skunk Radio live

Crazy insane or insane crazy, however you choose to describe him, Texas, US rapper BigMoneyBrezzy, better known as GoldMynd will take you round in circles and have your head spinning with his lyrics quicker than an old school Eminem record. As announced back in March, his latest single, A.A.T.W (All Around The World) was released on the 5th of April on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and all top digital music services worldwide and it is doing exactly that, causing pandemonium amongst fans and DJs not just in Austin where he's from but also spreading far and wide across the US as well. ” - Skunk Radio Live

Skunk Radio Live

Big Money Brezzy keeps the hits coming, especially with this smooth freaky banger #SoGood is that one, then it’s valentines day so you can’t go wrong with the vibes…just wine and dine with your soul mate to this one, not kids allowed for this one but you might conceived some…hahahahaha  ” - Breezysays


So Good to Valentines Day Big Money Brezzy keeps the hits coming, especially with this smooth freaky banger #SoGood is that one, then it's valentines day so you can't go wrong with the vibes...just wine and dine with your soul mate to this one, not kids allowed for this one but you might conceived some...hahahahaha ” - BREEZY SAYS

Team Bigga Rankin

What’s up world?  We got another lit track review lined up for you all.  The single “Dark Secrets Feat. EESTA” is coming from the hip hop artist named BigMoneyBrezzy.  The Austin, Texas native is on the grind releasing a constant flow of cuts to get his name out to the masses.  On this particular cut his team unleashes a smooth and lush R&B’ish production to no doubt get the ladies out of their lingerie.         The production itself is very smooth and something to bob your head to in the club.  The synths and pads really highlight the classy grown and sexy vibe that the track evokes.  The chorus leaves a little to be desired, its simplistic and  they attempt their best R&B rendition to set the mood.  The verses themselves are cool and work well for the subject matter.  Brezzy raps on his verse “Girl they can’t, treat you like I treat you / Girl he can’t, eat you like I eat you”.  You won’t find anything too deep here which makes perfect sense for the type of vibe they are trying to put out.  Eesta does well on his verse as well, the flow and the delivery are cold.  Overall the track is pretty catchy and the production is excellent.  He might have something here and hopefully the fans will agree.  Keep a lookout for BigMoneyBrezzy and all of his future projects.” - PIRIYE


This song gives you that player type pimp c vibe the way BigMoneyBrezzy and EESTA are expressing there dark secrets and going in depth, by giving different scenarios on the situation.” - BREEZY SAYS


This  Austin Texas Native is here to stay. Staying active, today Big Money Brezzy has dropped of his latest record, “Down Like Frazier”.” - Eldorado2452


BigMoneyBrezzy is not letting up off the gas, with back to back singles, to Keep the fans engaged. This time he does it with his partner in crime, MoneyBoiTre, who is also an Austin Texas Native, and I must say these guys literally serenaded this Track with there on flavor. This track is one of those ones you wine and dine to, while it is pouring down rain. This one here will make you reminisce on good and ruff times in life.” - Breezy Says


BigMoneyBrezzy is storming the streets, with hit single after hit single, but this one he is going back to his roots with rhyming vicious and grimey, speaking nothing but the truth. Then he decides to throw on board with him, the Kreature aka Eesta to bless up this banger, and trust me, you”re going to love this street Anthem, no ifs ands or buts, but this will be your new jam.” - Breezy Says


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